A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Cake Shift - A 1vs1 local multiplayer game

Imagine this: You want that god damn cake. This really soggy, delicious cake. But you can't! This damn grandpa-punk stole your ivories! Get them back so you can indulge yourself in those sweet and perfect bakeries.

In this game you fight another player in order to get to your teeth, which wait for you on the other player's platform. For you to get on the other platform you have to collect pickups that give you special powers allowing you to transform the arena to your favor or your enemys disadvantage - or you can directly influence him to slow down or disturb his game. You can decide how you want to play.


For Gamepad (recommended)

Move: Left stick

Jump: A

Charge and Attack: Hold and release B

Use Ability: X

Respawn: Start

Rotate Camera: Right stick

Pause: Select / Back

For Keyboard / Mouse

Move: WASD

Jump: Space key

Charge and Attack: Hold and release right mouse button

Use Ability: Left mouse button

Respawn: R

Rotate Camera: Mouse Movement

Pause: ESC

For Dual Keyboard

Player 1:

Move: WASD

Jump: Space key

Charge and Attack: Hold and release F

Use Ability: G

Respawn: R

Pause: ESC

Player 2:

Move: Arrow Keys

Jump: Num 0

Charge and Attack: Hold and release Num 4

Use Ability: Num 5

Respawn: Num 7


Get the full OST here for free!


Cake Shift is made by four Game Design students at HTW-Berlin

Jonas Tyroller - Coding

Yannick Pawils - Coding, Sound, Visual FX, UI, Animation Systems

Sebastian Schneider - Modelling, Texturing, Animation

Till Holder - Art, Modelling, Texturing, UI

Coaches for this project are:

Susanne Brandhorst

Thomas Bremer

Sven Gorholt


For feedback, bug reports and support you can contact us via E-Mail at playcakeshift@gmail.com


Cake Shift Installer win 64 105 MB
Cake Shift rar win 64 121 MB
Cake Shift zip linux 135 MB


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Can you play it On mac?

At the moment we have no Mac at our disposal so we can't make a build. We'll let you know if we get the chance to make a Mac build!

how does the arrow key player emote, the way wasd does with q

Right ctrl


So fun love it !

Thanks, glad you enjoy it!